Our Panel Is Today!

So should you use blogs to tell the day to day stuff? Like, gee, it’s time to start getting ready to go downtown to the NTC conference and gear up for the panel? Like, gee, we are REALLY going to miss our fearless leader, Beth Kanter, because urgent family stuff tore her away from us? (You are with us in spirit and chocolate, Beth!). Like, gee, Nancy, don’t forget to bring the PPT file?

Yup. You could post stuff like this. But it may not be that interesting to everyone. 🙂
We’ll be posting notes during (if the wifi works) and after!


One Response to Our Panel Is Today!

  1. Is it possible to have a blog where the Administrator monitors the responses and decides whether or not to post it or not.

    Almost 100% would be posted, of course. Because a one sided blog is extremely boring in most cases. The interaction is what energizes and makes the discussions interesting.

    But I have seen some ‘deflaming’ and outright slander on websites before. Also, I will not tolerate unfounded gossip. Hurting other people’s reputations and feelings is something that concerns me very much.

    Do you have any suggestions, or tips (or even a host) where these goals could be implemented without squashing creativity? – Sincerely, Lighthouse Jenine

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