Non-Profit Blogging, Podcasting and Social Media

March 22, 2006

Constantine Basturea has created a wiki for PR practitioners to support folks in the NGO/NPO arena to use some of the different collaborative software tools – including blogging. This comes on the heels of some blog posts about NPO blogging. Take a peek and add your ideas!

– Nancy

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Welcome the NTC Nonprofit Blogging Panel Blog!

March 7, 2006

Welcome to the NTC Nonprofit Blogging Panel Blog!

We set up this blog for several reasons:

  • To share resources and capture notes during the actual panel session
  • To share our presentation materials
  • To demonstrate one of the free blogging services available

While this blog will have a short life, you can follow nonprofit blogging practices on the blogs of the panelists. (The links are on the right) Also, we’re using the official NTC tag which is 06ntc so you can also do a search in technorati.

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