The Panel Description

The Blogging Revolution: Current Practices that Can Make Blogging Work for Some Nonprofits
Join us as we separate the hype from the facts about what nonprofit blogging is and why your nonprofit organization may consider starting a blog as part of your overall communications strategy. We’ll take a look at some early models of nonprofit blogging projects, both for internal and external audiences. We’ll dialog as to why — and why not — to consider a blog. We will also explore evolving useful practices, where to go for more information, questions to ask, and how to begin a conversation about blogging within your organization. Lots of practical tips and nonprofit stories will be shared. A blog for the panel will be set up as a way to capture ideas and share resource information — so you can see and take part in blogging in action.

Key Take Aways

* Know when to say yes and when to just say no to blogging
* Gain an idea of the diverse ways blogs can support NP work and what it takes to be succesful
* Have a few stories and resources to share back with your organization for thinking about how blogs might be a useful strategy in your communications plan and a way to begin a conversation within your organization


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